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Our Shipping Promise To You

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Dear Valued Customer,

We are proud to announce that we back your order with our shipping promise.

Here at Katie's Flower Pens, our goal is to provide the highest quality flower pens while providing the best customer experience possible.

These goals are why we hand make every pen you receive and are more than happy to answer any requests or questions that you may have.

Calculating shipping is an art of finding a balance between price, quantity, the size of the box, and where it is being shipped to.

In turn, this can cause a miscalculation with shipping charges as we try to find the perfect price to allow our flower pens to be shipped all over the world.

Our shipping charges are meant solely to break even on the costs of getting the flower pens delivered to you.

Therefore, our promise to you is...

After we ship your order, if we find that you were over charged for shipping, we will refund you the difference.

We always appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.

~Katie's Flower Pens

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