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Red Gerbera Daisy Pen

Red Gerbera Daisy


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The Red Gerbera Daisy Pen is a lovely gift for cheering someone up.  This happy flower comes in several different colors and will make anyone smile. 

It is appropriate for any time of year because of its variety of colors as well as its ability to grow in temperatures down to 75 degrees. 

One of these pens will look amazing anywhere, but grouped with other colors or more of the same color would be absolutely stunning.


Fun Flower Facts:

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The Gerbera Daisy is the fifth most cut flower in the world.

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Bees, butterflies, and birds love these flowers, but deer stay away from them.

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There are about 30 different gerbera daisy species.

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Gerbera Daisies give the meaning of cheerfulness.

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These flowers require a lot of water and sun light.

Because of the unique shape and perfection of this flower, it can even be great for a young boy.  This dark red can be masculine enough that any boy wouldn’t mind using it. 

It is great for decoration because of its purity and cheerfulness.  It is known that if you give a gerbera daisy as a gift, you just want to make someone smile.  These perfect flowers would be great for a desk or check-out counter.


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