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What Separates Us From The Rest

We believe quality is more important than quantity.  We would rather create a product that is going to last for months or years rather than days or weeks.  Our sole purpose is to provide the world with beautiful flower pens of the highest quality, which will last for many seasons.

You may have noticed that most flower pens being made and sold have green tape around the pen to create a stem. This is a very low quality way to make flower pens. 

The downfalls of flower pens made with tape are:

  1. Leaves your hands sticky.

  2. Falls apart quickly.

  3. The tape unravels when handled frequently.

When the discovery of making flower pens first started, we made them with tape.  The realization of the stickiness became very apparent and unacceptable for our high standards.

This is when we discovered a special type of tubing which makes a higher quality pen.  This polyolefin material is smooth and clean.  The durability of this special tubing prevents the pens from falling apart or unraveling.

Wind Cloud

Overheating Thermometer


The secret to our flower pens is our one-of-a-kind heat treatment technique. We blast the stems of the flowers at a temperature of 572° Fahrenheit.

The high temperatures produced by our heat source tightens the tubing around the pen to create a strong, long lasting stem.

Pen Stem

We pride ourselves on making the highest quality flower pens possible. This means the flower pens will last a long time, allowing you to use and display them season after season. 

We have received a great amount of positive feedback with our new one-of-a-kind flower pens because they not only look and feel better, they also last longer.

Everyone who has tried my pens mentions that they will never go back to the kind made with tape.  We are confident you will love this new creation of flower pen.

Now that you know our secret, take a stroll through our garden of pens.

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