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Lavender Gerbera Daisy Pen

lavender gerbera daisy


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The Lavender Gerbera Daisy Pen can be perfect for Easter!

This is such a springy color! Pair it with light pink and light blue to get a perfect spring look.

Fun Flower Facts:

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These flowers represent many different things such as cheerfulness and beauty.

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More than two dozen different species of Gerbera Daisies exist.

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Gerbera Daisies can grow up to 18 inches in height.

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These beautiful flowers attract butterflies and birds.

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Daisies are the fifth most used cut flower in florists.






Imagine being in middle or high school again when you were a young girl.  Wouldn’t you have wanted a Lavender Gerbera Daisy Pen in your backpack to use on your test? 

Everyone would see it and would want one just like it.  The fun part about Gerbera Daisies is they come in lots of different colors.  Choose your favorite color and you will be set for the year. Or even fill your pencil pouch with a variety of different colors to match to every outfit. 

Giving one of these cheery flower pens to a young girl will brighten their day and even their year.  They will be able to do their school work while looking fashionable.  What could be better?


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