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Where To Use My Flower Pens

Are you having a difficult time thinking of where you are going to use these wonderful pens?  I am here to help you find homes for these decorative writing tools. 

Flower pens can be used in several different ways. Below are some ideas for when and where to use my flower pens. You can email me if you have or need any more ideas.

Girls Shower Flower Pen Pot
Daisie Pens In Pot


Flower Bullet

Decorations of the flower pens in a vase or pot can double as party favors for bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers, or any other special event.

Flower Bullet

Do you own a business and have pens on the desks?  Do the pens often walk out the door with the customers?  People are less likely to take a flower.  They also look like a decoration when not being used.

Flower Bullet

At home, do you often need a pen in a hurry and can’t find one?  Maybe when answering the phone or just making a grocery list, you need a pen.  Having a pot or vase of flowers that doubles as pens will always be handy.

Flower Bullet

Are you having a difficult time deciding what kind of gift your child should give their teacher on holidays?  The flower pens would be perfect for classroom decoration as well as be useful for those students who forget a pen.

Flower Bullet

These bouquets can be a perfect gift for a wedding.  They will always have a beautiful pot or vase of flowers that they can also use as pens.  Every time they look at the flowers, they will think of that special day.

House Bouquet


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