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Hot Pink Rose With Droplets Pen

hot pink rose


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This Hot Pink Rose with Droplets Pen is so bright and cheery. This will brighten your desk like no other! 

Since roses are always in season, it is appropriate for any time of year.  These petals have water droplets on them to make the flower look more realistic. 

They go great with the Orange Daffodil if you like something a little crazy.


Fun Flower Facts:

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The rose can be used in perfumes or teas because of the strong scent.

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Each color of the rose has a different meaning. There are several different colors.

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Pink roses signify gratitude and joy. Also, when they are given as a gift they have a symbol of friendliness.

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Since roses can be purchased all year long, it is considered acceptable to decorate with various colors throughout the year.

The hot pink rose pen will definitely brighten up your space at work. You can have a small bouquet of them or mix them up with some gerbera daisies in yellow and white. Let your imagination go wild and come up with the perfect combination.

This is such a wonderful flower to have around because the brightness of the petals will bring a smile to anyone's face. I personally love them in the spring and summer the most.

Flower pens are very liked by teachers because they will have a pretty cup of flowers that second as pens for the students who forget their own. So make a teacher happy and give them this small token of a gift.


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