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Blue Rose With Droplets Pen

Blue Rose Pen


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This Blue Rose with Droplets Pen is a lovely dark color which can match any season. 

Since roses are always in season, it is appropriate for any time of year.  These petals have water droplets on them to make the flower look more realistic. 

They go great with the Red Rose with Droplets Pens.


Fun Flower Facts:

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Roses lack the gene to become blue naturally.

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In 2004 a Blue Rose was created by genetic engineering.  These particular roses are only available to buy in Japan.

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A blue rose often signifies attaining the impossible, mystery, or love at first sight.

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Normally blue roses are dyed from a white rose to create the unique color.

The Blue Rose looks great in a patriotic bouquet.  Around the 4th of July, and all through summer, this pen is excellent for decorating any office space or your table at home. 

Just match this pen with a Red Poppy and a Small White Bundle Pen and you will be set for any party.  These blue roses can be great for pretty much any occasion that calls for a dark blue realistic looking flower. 

If you want to brighten up the office with some masculine flowers, this rose will work perfectly because of its dark color.


If this pen appeals to you, maybe you should check out the Red Rose with Droplets Pen.

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