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About Me And How I Got Started

I would like to introduce myself to everyone who likes flower pens as much as I do.  My name is Katie.  I have recently discovered that pens tend to ‘walk away’.  At work customers take them, at home my cat hides them, and whenever I need to write I have nothing to use. 

Purple Mixture Diagonal

Because of these problems, I decided to make pens into a decoration.  I have always been a very creative person since I was very young. 

I enjoy making new things whether it’s clothes, jewelry, flower pens, or whatever else I can think of. 

I started out by making some flower pens at work and saw how much everyone loved them.  We no longer had the issue of running out of pens, because everyone put them back in the pot. These flowers look so real that people don’t even know they are pens. 

The pots of flowers also brighten up the workspace and make it look friendlier.  After seeing how much of a hit the flower pens are at work, I decided to start this website so other businesses can have the same wonderful experience as me. 

White Rose Mix Flower Pen

Also, I thought they would be a great party favor or gift.  These pens can be used for many different occasions.  That is what I love most about them.  I hope you will help spread the joy of flower pens around the world to brighten everyone’s day. 

Take a look around and let me know if you don’t see what you are looking for.  Because these pens are hand crafted, I am able to custom make each and every one of them to your liking. 

They can be used in a bouquet or as single pens.  Feel free to create your own bouquet to match your occasion, whether it be wedding colors, pink or blue for a baby shower, or something to match the season for your coffee table at home. Email me with your ideas at


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